What’s Inside - April, 2001

Reclamation bonds ruled inadequate
Slocomb on outings
Young column "Timber bills about more than logging"
Stockman on taxpayer subsidy of coal
Pase article, "Digging for history, part 2"
Spring Review - program and registration form
Martin questions value of coal mining
Western Fuels Association suit dismissed
Gasper on WV land conservation plan
Gasper letter on water degradation
Mt Odyssey outings schedule
Mt Odyssey trip reports

"No shortage of energy"
"Summary of proposed forest plan amendment for T&E species"
Krichbaum critique of proposed forest plan
Protect Harper’s Ferry
Outdoor safety classes
Helicopters and bats
Acreage comparison
Greenland Gap day
Massey Welcoming Committee
Criminal grandmother
Insurance company boycott