What's Inside--August 99

Proposal for BWC Nat'l Park
Coal settlement outline
Frank Young column
Hasty column
Partial settlement on MTR lawsuit
Unresolved issue in MTR lawsuit
Haden wants comments
Unified Federal watershed policy
Write Haden
Young nails Gov
Poisoning lawns
Antartic meltdown
Toxic waste is good for you
Update on Walk for the Mountains
Gibson poem
WV Rivers Coalition Action Alert
USFS & mountain bikers
WILDlines ad
Blackwater Canyon crusaders
Clean air now
Out-of-state extremists
Music for the millennium
Art to billboards on MTR
Tires & Quarries
Story from the WEB
Great blue heron
mining industry image
Summit for the mountains
Ironweed festival
AEP stirs up hornet's nest in VA