Whatís Inside-- January 2000

Bad quarry bill - Eades
Logging in Blackwater Canyon
Frank Young column "What Value? What Measure?"
New agenda for US Forest Service
Editorial/ OSM ruling
Hasty column "Environmental politics- 2000 and beyond"
Threat to Upper Blackwater River
Water bill before legislature
Barb Taylor out
Wildlines ad
Pressure from TMDLs
Slocomb poem
Spread the word
Coalition to save Kanawha SF
October interims - Degen
End of interims - Degen
Spring Review
Robert Strough poetry
Rodd interview Shoenfeld
Letter fr. Carolyn Johnson
Tucker Cty economics
Book review - Riverkeepers
Chomsky quotes
Speakerís bureau
Kidsí contest
Pres. asks for help
photo- Guidebook group