links to articles from the June 1998 issue

Logging on National Forests Must Go

Action Alert Time

The Mon Forest Wins One - We All Win One

Please Join us for Blackwater Summer-- Help Save Blackwater Canyon


Earth Day report CLEAR View, Volume 5, Number 6 of April 21, 1998

Dave's Corner

The Degen Updated Garbage Reports

What Is the Significance of the New Forest Service Chief's Address to His New Charges?

Editorial--Who Are the Outsiders?

Forest Service Financial Mismanagement

Who's Paying the Piper

Let's Hear It for the Hard Workers of the Blackwater Summer

U S Congress-- House Passes Mandates Information Act

Coal at the Grassroots


- - - from the heart of the plateau - - - Finding Joy in Our Dance

Meet Rich McGervey, the WVHC's New Legal Fellow

West Virginia Rivers Coalition Action Alert

Does It Pay to Pollute? - Maybe Not in This Case

Northern Saw-whet Owl

A Request from Bruce Sundquist-- Photos Needed

Report on spring review: Hey, This Is News! - Attention John Crites!

Appeal Granted on Blackwater Canyon Sale-- West Virginia Supreme Court Acts

Book Review

Global Warming Heats Tempers in West Virginia