What’s Inside-- March 2000

Wilfire on protest at IMF & World Bank conference in DC
Judy Rodd on Byrd’s valentine to the people of West Virginia
Frank Young column "Timber, Coal’s Noisy Little Brother"
McFerrin on legislation to control timbering
Hasty column, "Blending Blue & Green"
Poem by Betsy Reeder
E-Day at the Capitol
Degen, end of session report on garbage, tire & quarry legislation
Judy Rodd on art exhibit at E-Day
.. Mon-Athon 2000 - T Rodd
Mon-Athon public outings

"We have been totally overridden by a preoccupation with the economy, and this appears to me to be suicidal. The whole world is riding in a giant car, and we’re headed at a brick wall at 100 mph, and everyone is arguing about where they want to sit ... Someone, for God’s sake, has got to say, ‘We’re headed for a brick wall! Put on the brakes and turn the wheel!’ Unfortunately, the people who are saying that are locked in the trunk." – David Suzuki, environmental scientist

Do Not Forget!
If you have not yet registered for the Spring review, or would like more information on it, call Dave Saville now at (304) 284- 9548.
Social on Friday evening of April 28th.
On Saturday your choice of many field trips and outings.
Saturday evening banquet with Mon Forest supervisor, Chuck Myers as guest speaker.
Sunday the Spring meeting of the West Virginia Highlands conservancy from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Cheat Mountain Club. All members are invited to this meeting.