Lessons Learned on the Mon-Athon 2000 Trail

By Tom Rodd

Hereís some lessons I have learned in coordinating the "Mon-Athon 2000" outings program for the WVHC this year:

1. I get perty darn tard after about six or seven miles of picking them up and putting them down -- but itís a good kind of tard. Nevertheless, lead me to those lightweight boots!

2. Outings are a great way to have fun -- and to build the kind of friendship that inspires and sustains us. A great part of an outing is getting to know some new people -- and catching up with old friends -- sort of like an old-fashioned cocktail party. Enchante de faire votre connaissances, mesdames et messieurs!

3. Organizing and coordinating an outings program takes consistent effort and attention. To make an outings program sustainable, we need to share the load, and to provide sufficient funds to make it work easily.

4. On a hot day in July, basking like a fat old river otter -- in a deep green magical pool, floating down a West Virginia river -- -- is one fine, sensual, eggs-perience.

Next year (2001) I canít continue in coordinating an outings program for WVHC -- because I have other demanding personal stuff to do. But I (and others) think that it would be good to have a WVHC outings program continue in some form. I am therefore going to coordinate some planning this Fall among people who would like to be involved in talking about such a continuation. If you are interested in being part of this planning and/or in working on an outings program next year, contact me, Tom Rodd (the fat old river otter) ASAP -- thomasrodd@hotmail.com; 304-265-0018. And get out and enjoy your Mon Forest!