West Virginia Wetlands

Emergent, shrub and forest wetlands, as well as freshwater ponds, comprise about 102,000 acres in West Virginia. The largest is the one in Canaan Valley, located in Tucker County, that contains about 9 percent of West Virginia’s wetland acreage.

Best available estimates of wetland habitat trends in West Virginia between 1957 and 1980 suggest a loss of about 22 percent of emergent wetlands, or about 6000 acres of wetlands.

The following list of the major wetlands sites was compiled by the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection and Department of Natural Resources.

Altona Marsh

Blennerhassett Island Swamp

Boaz Marsh

Canaan Valley

Cranberry Glades

Cranesville Swamp

Greenbottom Wetland

Meadow River Complex

Muddlety Creek Complex

Point Pleasant Swamp

Pond Run Marsh

Short Mountain Wetlands

Winfield Swamp