Further Corrupting Influence of Big Coal

Ken Hechler to Do Battle over Arch Coal’s Invasion of a School System

(submitted by Gary Zuckett on WISe)

"As part of its so-called ‘educational campaign’ which includes full-page newspaper ads and TV ads, Arch Coal has tried to propagandize school students to support mountaintop removal of coal through one-sided presentations inside the school system," charged Secretary of State Ken Hechler in a September 24, 1998, news conference.

"Early this week, two Arch Coal officials invaded Logan High School, and were allowed to deliver all-day propaganda sales pitches to a series of student groups corralled by announcements over the intercom," Hechler continued. "Even though all students at Logan High were not forced to attend these spiels, it is outrageous that school authorities would allow one-sided presentations to be delivered in the name of ‘education’"

Hechler concluded in his press statement, "I am contacting the school authorities to insure that I be given equal time to point out some of the serious human and environmental devastation resulting from mountaintop removal in several areas of southern West Virginia. I defend the right of Arch Coal to try and justify its position. But it is terribly wrong for the school system to allow them to invade the schools without giving defenders of the land and people a chance to refute their claims."

(Note: "I am contacting Ray Wolsey, Logan County Superintendent of Schools at 752-1550, and Mrs. Wilma Zigmond, Principal at Logan High School, at 752-6606," said Hechler).