Endangered Species Threatened in West Virginia: The US Fish and Wildlife Service is concerned about the planned expansion of a West Virginia mining operation. An agency study on Pigeonroost Branch in Logan County shows the stream and surrounding valley would be covered by overburden if Hobet Mining is allowed to create a large mountaintop removal project. So far the Environmental Protection Agency blocked the permit based on Fish and Wildlife data.

In addition to the aquatic life in the stream, the surrounding woodlands may be home to the federally protected Indiana bat.


Poll Shows Americans Favor Zero Cut In National Forests: A conservative polling firm has released polling results on Americans’ views on logging in the National Forests.

69% of all Americans oppose logging in the National Forests.

79% of Democrats oppose logging in the National Forests.

70% of Independents oppose logging in the National Forests.

59% of Republicans oppose logging in the National Forests.

If a national referendum were held, the long slow death of our precious forests would be ended.

Polling was done by Market Strategies Inc., a conservative firm also used by Gingrich, Dole, Bush, etc.

[Source: SWAN Occasional Paper September 1998]


West Virginia Waterways: A final report on the state of West Virginia’s waterways was released this week, reporting that acid mine drainage from coal mines is the highest pollutant, affecting 488 streams. As reports an AP Alert (9/29), the state Division of Environmental Protection conducted the study of 652 rivers, lakes and streams and found coal mine runoff in 495 of the waterways. An additional 99 streams were found with unidentified pollution sources and 60 streams showed high concentrations of acid rain.

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