From the Archives of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy

October 1973

Conservancy Has Arrived

by Skip Johnson

Headlines in the Charleston Gazette editorial claiming "the environmental movement in West Virginia is synonymous with the emergence of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy."

"In an era when people donít want to become involved, the Conservancy is like a Brook Trout swimming upstream against a strong current."

"The success of the Conservancy stems from the fact that it gets a lot of different people from different walks of life involved in a common goal: a better environment for West Virginia and West Virginians. What could be more powerful than that?"

"Every government bureaucracy, every greedy coal executive, every politician needs a suspicious citizen looking over his shoulder. The Conservancy is West Virginiaís suspicious citizen, and more power to it. [Yea, Man! Editorial kibbitz]


An Ode to Strippers

by Ron Hardway

Ah, what tangled web we weave

When earth we do deceive

And rip the coal from ere Her gut

Turning Mother Nature into a slut