Whatís Inside-- September 1999

Coalís loss of power
BWC update
Frank Young Column
BWC & Natíl Park Trust
Hasty column
Corridor H
Sign of the times
U-U MTR resol.
Life after coal in Britain
Forest management thoughts
Environ regs create more jobs
Shenandoah watershed study seminars
WVHC outings program
Fall Review
WVEC annual convent.
Sconyers speaks
Judge OKs endangered species study
Wilderness for Dolly Sods N
Walk into Whitesville
Fossil fuel on ropes
Wildlands ad
Write Judge Haden
Comments from WVHC web site

Fall Review ~ October 8 thru 10 ~ Morgantown
(note change of date from previous announcements!)
Mark your calendars now!
Contact Dave Saville, (304)284-9548 for details.