What’s Inside-- September, 2001

MTR & forests
McFerrin baby
Young column "Whitewash in the works?"
Zahniser dedication
Hasty column "Future shock"
Marsh haiku
Klinger on Ken Hechler
Key parts of energy bill
Taxpayers foiled again
WV leads in sprawl
Letter exchange on proposed Dominion pipeline
Ernie Dickerman wilderness proposed
Mt Odyssey
Gasper & Durham trip reports
Garden party at Walnut Farm
Corporate justice
PIRG letter
OVEC recognized
Williams River drainage timber sale
Proposed expansion of CVNWR
Idiocy of national energy policy
Flood story
"Last great wilderness show"
Fund raising workshop
Windpower cheaper than coal
Annual meeting
Ode to Bill Raney
Flood photos web site
Environmental Leadership Program fellowships


Our hearts go out to former WVHC director, Joan Sims, on the recent loss of her husband, Craig, after a long illness.

Craig’s origins were on the West Coast but he became a long-time resident of West Virginia.

For the past twenty years he taught electrical engineering at West Virginia University.

A devotee of Appalachian fiddle music he played with both Campbell's Run Band and the Percival Pickers. He was an avid fisherman, gardener, golfer and sports fan, and wrote fiction and poetry.