What’s Inside-- June, 2000

Saville on commitment to Shavers Fork
Healing Shavers Fork Headwaters
Young column "Hang on to Old? Grab on to New?"
Monsanto dioxin danger
Senator "Exploitation"
Activism pays
Hasty column "The Spiritual Roots of the Crisis"
Blackwater Canyon ads on TV
meet Jason Wandling
Pettis on protecting the WV state forests
Mona-Thon 2000
Up. BW River remains protected
Bonds interview
archive editorial
Gasper on MF roadless areas
corporate criminals
WVRC permit analysis program
Western Fuels sues
biosafety protocol
EPA betrays coal council activists
Bob Henry Baber poem "Taking Title"
WVHC summer meeting announcement
Daily Grist


"It never ceases to sadden me, this capacity we humans have to be faced with the most horrific practices, and somehow grow used to them. We debate mountaintop removal as if it were normal." –Denise Giardina