What’s Inside-- November, 1999

Judge Haden’s decision & the reaction to it
Slocomb essay on fall
Frank Young column, "Home to Roost"
Wildfire article on the WTO
Hasty column "the New World Order"
WVHC Press release – Crites to commence logging again in the BWC
Lobbyist ads
Letter to the president from enviro groups opposing the ati-environmental MTR rider
AEP to be sued by enviros
AEP also sued by EPA
Pam DeVier’s promotion of the BWC
Comments on WVHC website
Rachel Carson quote
Joe Riffenberger’s bear auction
Part II of Rodd’s Hiking Guide review –interview w/ Allen deHart
Degen on quarries, tires, sludge
Zuckett on Granny D
Wildlaw contest
Degen on out-of-state landfills