Our History

First coming together in 1965, the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy is one of the state’s oldest environmental activist organizations. With the increased awareness of environmental issues in the 1960s, a coalition of recreational users of the West Virginia Highlands came together to address a whole host of environmental threats to our state.  Over the past 50 years, the Highlands Conservancy has continued to be the leader in protecting the natural environment of our state through both defensive and offensive campaigns.

When the Highlands Conservancy was formed, the proposed Highlands Scenic Highway would have sliced a gaping wound from north to south through the heart of the highlands, the Royal Glen dam would have flooded much of the Potomac Valley including the Smoke Hole area, the Davis Power project threatened much of Canaan Valley with inundation, the proposed Rowlesburg Dam on the Cheat River threatened to flood the Cheat River Valley including the St. George area, and newly proposed strip mines threatened many of our forests and mountains and condemned many of our waterways with acid mine drainage.

From the beginning, the Highlands Conservancy has dealt with a whole array of threats to our wonder-full state.  We were instrumental in the passage of the Eastern Wilderness Areas Act, which gave us our first Wilderness areas–Dolly Sods and Otter Creek.  We began a campaign that lasted over 35 years to protect Canaan Valley and saw the successful establishment of a National Wildlife Refuge there.  We mounted campaigns to stop numerous dams proposed around the state.  We filed our first lawsuit against strip mining in 1967, which was the beginning of almost 50 years of leadership on coal mining issues in West Virginia. In 1998 we were the first organization to challenge the destructive practice of mountaintop removal and valley fills. We helped enact important environment-protecting legislation such as the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) and the National Forest Management Act (NFMA).  Protecting clean air, clean water, forests, streams, mountains, and the health and welfare of the people that live here and those who visit, is what the Highlands Conservancy is all about.

The WV Highlands Conservancy publishes the Hiking Guide to the Monongahela National Forest.  Our monthly newspaper, the Highlands Voice has been in continuous monthly publication since 1967.  WV Highlands Conservancy members do far more than work to protect our state from destructive forces.  Together, they also enjoy the lands and waters they work to protect through Conservancy-sponsored activities. They explore woodlands, valleys, bogs and caves, canoe and fish, climb mountains, and search out birds, wildflowers and native animals. Conservancy membership means new friendships, new experiences, and new rewards.

Our Mission

Preserving West Virginia for future generations

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy promotes, encourages and works for the conservation – including both preservation and wise management – and an appreciation of the natural resources of West Virginia and the Nation.  We focus primarily on the Highlands Region of West Virginia, but our work is for the cultural, social, educational, physical health, spiritual and economic benefit of present and future generations of residents and visitors alike.


We work for government policies and actions that protect, encourage and enforce laws for the health and well being of the natural world and her inhabitants.

Study and Educate

We support nature study and conservation, education for personal enrichment and cultural and scientific advancement.

Preserve and Protect

We work for preservation and protection of the mountains and streams of West Virginia with a focus on wilderness and areas with recreation, scenic, geologic, biologic and historic importance.

Roster of Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs


PRESIDENT: Marilyn Shoenfeld, 167 Balsam Way, Davis, WV 26260; (304) 866-3484
SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT: Luanne McGovern, 858 Alta Road, Charleston WV 25314; (973) 873-3369
SECRETARY: John McFerrin, 202 Van Tassel Court, Morgantown, WV 26508; (304) 291- 8305
TREASURER: Bob Marshall, 2108 Emma Road, Kenna, WV 25248; (304) 545-6817
PAST PRESIDENT: Larry Thomas, P.O. Box 194, Circleville, WV 26804; (540) 383-3087

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE (Terms expire October 2024)

Jackie Burns, jackie.burns@frontier.com; (304) 866-4093
Cynthia D. Ellis, 3114 Steel Ridge Road, Red House, WV 25168; (304) 586-4135
Patricia Gundrum, Charleston, WV
Luanne McGovern, 858 Alta Road, Charleston WV 25314; (973) 873-3369
Buff Rodman, 32 Crystal Drive, Oakmont, PA 15139; (412) 828-8983 

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE (Terms expire October 2023)

George Hack, 510 Hanna Rd, Bel Air, MD 21014; (443) 742-0463
Rick Webb, 481 Ravens Run Road, Monterey, VA 24465; (540) 468-2881
Hugh Rogers, 531 Moon Run, Kerens, WV 26276; (304) 636-2662
Susan Rogers Rosenblum, 135 Fern Lane, Davis, WV 26260; (412) 759-9234


Renick, WV 24966; (304) 497-2657
BROOKS BIRD CLUB: Ashton Berdine, PO Box 3113, Elkins, WV 26241; (304) 377-5063
MOUNTAINEER CHAPTER TROUT UNLIMITED: Randy Kesling, 116 Farm Meadow Drive, Bridgeport, WV 26330; (304) 622-5982
FRIENDS OF THE CHEAT: Sarah Hinnant, 317 Pat Cale Road, Masontown, WV 26542; (681) 406-7555


George E. Beetham Jr., 2819 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038; (267) 252-3748


EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES COMMITTEE: Cindy Rank, 4401 Eden Road, Rock Cave, WV 26234; (304) 924-5802
PUBLIC LANDS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Larry Thomas, P.O. Box 194, Circleville, WV 26804; (540) 383-3087
RENEWABLE ENERGY COMMITTEE: Larry Thomas, P.O. Box 194, Circleville, WV 26804; (304) 567-2602
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: Luanne McGovern, 858 Alta Road, Charleston, WV 25314; (973) 873-3369
COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Crys Bauer, 2151 Herring Road Kingwood WV 26537; (304) 997-2160
FINANCE COMMITTEE: Larry Thomas, P.O. Box 194, Circleville, WV 26804; (540) 383-3087
ENDOWMENT FUND COMMITTEE: Larry Thomas, P.O. Box 194, Circleville, WV 26804; (540)-383-3087
RIVERS COMMITTEE: Susan Rogers Rosenblum, 135 Fern Lane, Davis, WV 26260; (412) 759-9234
HIGHWAYS COMMITTEE: Hugh Rogers, 531 Moon Run Road, Kerens, WV 26276; (304) 636-2662
FALL REVIEW COMMITTEE: Marilyn Shoenfeld, 167 Balsam Way, Davis, WV 26260; (304) 866-3484
FUTURES COMMITTEE: George Hack, 510 Hanna Rd; Bel Air, MD 21014; (443) 742-0463


WEB PAGE – DIGITAL PUBLISHING: Dan Radmacher, (540) 798-6683


MEMBERSHIP AND FULFILLMENT SECRETARY: Crys Bauer, 2151 Herring Road Kingwood, WV 26537; (304) 997-2160
PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Olivia Miller, 679 Hendricks Hill Rd. Hambleton, WV 26269; (304) 704-2997

For media inquiries, please email comms@wvhighlands.org