Photos by Kent Mason

Preserving West Virginia for future generations

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy promotes, encourages and works for the conservation – including both preservation and wise management – and appreciation of the natural resources of West Virginia and the Nation.  We focus primarily on the Highlands Region of West Virginia, but our work is for the cultural, social, educational, physical health, spiritual and economic benefit of present and future generations of residents and visitors alike.

What we work for


We work for government policies and actions that protect, encourage and enforce laws for the health and well being of the natural world and her inhabitants.

Study and Educate

We support nature study and conservation, education for personal enrichment and cultural and scientific advancement.

Preserve and Protect

We work for preservation and protection of the mountains and streams of West Virginia with a focus on wilderness and areas with recreation, scenic, geologic, biologic and historic importance.

Celebrating 50 Years!

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy was officially founded in 1967 but the people and Groups that came together to form the organization actually began to meet in 1965 while the first issue of The Highlands Voice appeared in 1969. For many years we were THE environmental organization in the state and tackled issues as diverse in topics as in geography. Some of its major roles were defined early in its existence. Protecting Rivers, Coal Mining, the Monongahela National Forest and other public lands, Highways, Wilderness and Canaan Valley all have deep roots that permeate our history. We will be highlighting some of these issues, the places, and the people involved, in upcoming issues of The Highlands Voice. We’ll also be visiting some of these places throughout the year to see the successes, or sometimes failures, of our work. We’ll get together to celebrate and reminisce with each other at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park, September 15-17, 2017. More information.

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