To join us for any of these outings, please sign up with the trip leader, who can give you more information. Please contact your trip leader and reserve your spot at least two weeks in advance. In doing so, you may learn critical details about the outing. For instance, all available spots may be taken or the trip leader may cancel an outing if an insufficient number of people have signed up.

Our outings vary greatly in difficulty, scenery and type. Groups average between five and ten people, though we have as many as twenty people on some outings. Lower group numbers tend to provide a better experience for everyone. Trip leaders exercise a great amount of flexibility as far as leadership style, foul weather rescheduling, daily route, etc. Please be considerate of your trip leader and follow his/her instructions.

If you are interested in leading an outing please contact Dave Saville, volunteer Outings Committee Chairperson, at daves@labyrinth.net or 304 692-8118.


More places to find outings

White Grass Ski Touring Center Events page http://whitegrass.com/events.html.
The Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, http://www.fws.gov/canaanvalley/calendar.html
Coopers Rock Foundation has outings, http://coopersrock.org/events/
West Virginia Botanic Garden events and outings, http://www.wvbg.org/
New River Gorge National River http://www.nps.gov/neri/planyourvisit/events.htm