A No-Cost Service To Help Control Erosion

A stream bank in West Virginia showcasing heavy erosion

Friends of the Cheat is seeking property owners interested in complimentary tree plantings in riparian areas (the areas directly next to a stream or river) of their property. By planting trees in these areas, Friends of Cheat hopes to help reduce stream bank erosion, sedimentation, bank instability, and bank loss in the Cheat River watershed.

The targeted project area, which is shaded green on the map, includes a large portion of the Cheat River watershed. Relevant property locations include the Cheat River mainstream from Parsons to Rowlesburg, Clover Run, Horseshoe Run, Minear Run, Licking Creek, Buffalo Creek, Wolf Creek, Saltlick Creek, and their tributaries. 

All interested landowners with land in the project area are encouraged to set up a consultation by contacting Madison Ball, Conservation Program Director with Friends of the Cheat, at madison@cheat.org or by calling 304-329-3621 ext. 7.

Friends of the Cheat is a non-profit watershed group, formed in 1994 whose mission is to restore, preserve and promote the outstanding natural qualities of the Cheat River Watershed.