ATVs in Cabwaylingo State Forest?

There is currently a bill in the West Virginia Legislature (SB 498) which would establish a pilot project to allow all terrain vehicles in Cabwaylingo State Forest.  As of press time it had passed the Senate.  It has also passed the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.

It is currently pending in the House Committee on Government Organizations.  How it fares there will be part of the hurly burly that is the last few days of the Legislative session.  There are currently almost eighty bills pending in the House Committee on Government Organizations.  Some have been there for over a month; if there were much enthusiasm on the part of the Committee those older ones would have been acted upon by now.

The all-terrain vehicles bill was referred to the Committee on February 27.  Whether it advances depends upon the will of the Chair, what support it has, and all the other ingredients that go into the sausage.

All-terrain vehicles on public lands have always been controversial.  They can cause damage to trails and plant life.  They bring, noise pollution, air pollution, and litter is a guarantee.  It is also well established that, in areas that do allow all-terrain  vehicles, ATV riders seem to be psychologically incapable of  of staying on designated trails.  Every time they leave a trail, they create a new one, creating a spreading website of damage to the forest floor and increasing erosion.  Attempts to enforce rules requiring that riders stay on officiallly established trails have been ineffective.