Celebrating 50 Years!

From the Archives

All issues of our newsletter, The Highlands Voice, beginning with Volume 1, in 1969, are archived on our website. Enjoy the following highlights taken from 1969 The Highlands Voice, Volume 1, #s 1-6

The National Timber Supply Act, gives prime importance to timber harvesting in National Forests and subordinates watershed protection, recreation, and wildlife values.

Can the Shaver’s Fork be saved? Among the more depressing news this spring concerning the Shaver’s Fork was the failure of the State Legislature’s Scenic Rivers Bill.

The Wilderness Committee is making plans for Otter Creek June 21-22.

H.R.11943 would establish the Potomac National River, preserving natural, scenic, historic, wildlife and recreational values, including the historic C and O Canal.

August 2-3 Cheat Canyon Trail clearing.

WWVU-TV produced a documentary on clear-cutting on the Gauley Ranger District of the Monongahela National Forest.

Princess Coal Company plans to mine coal in Cranberry Backcountry including dredging the Williams River for roadbuilding material.

The Ad Hoc committee on Dolly Sods held a meeting on August 15 & 16 with chairman Frederick Dorrell, Supervisor of the Monongahela National Forest.

October 11 & 12, don’t miss the Highlands Conservancy Fall Review highlighting Wildlands, Wild Rivers, & Legislative Action.

The US Army Corps of Engineers released plans to build another dam on the Gauley River at Swiss, one of 14 planned for the Kanawha River Basin.

Forest Service announces the acquisition of 17 tracts of land totaling 2,778 acres for the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Recreation Area.

US Army Corps of Engineers’ Royal Glen Dam on the South Branch Potomac River would flood the Smoke Hole Canyon.

L.W. Deitz, President, Richwood Chamber of Commerce, encourages us to come to Richwood for our Fall Review, where we will be well-received, and the community will open up its facilities for our use.

Help Us Celebrate!

We are seeking help and input from our members. Please participate in the outings and events we are planning, but also help us make the 50th Celebration extra special.

 Contact us with the names and contact information of people you know who have some connection with the Highlands Conservancy who may not still be engaged. We are creating a list of folks to reach out to, from Agencies, Organizations, and others we’ve worked with, to invite to join our celebrations.

 Using Google, or the Archives for The Highlands Voice, research an issue that you know about, were involved with, or the success from our efforts you enjoy, and write an article or just share personal memories or experiences.

 Offer to lead an outing to one of the places we’ve fought to protect over the last 50 years. Share your stories or experiences working with, or even against, us on some issue.

 Clean out your closets for memorabilia, or other items to bring to the Canaan Celebration in September and donate to a silent auction.

 Get out those old photo albums and bring them with you to Canaan for a photo-sharing display.

 Send us your photos of people, places, or events from our long and storied history to include in the Celebration’s publications and Web pages.

Contact us at; wvhc50@gmail.com