Department of Environmental Protection Makes Pipeline Website

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has established a web site containing information about the five major proposed or under construction natural gas pipeline.   The five pipelines that are the focus of the webpage are the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline, the Mountaineer Gas Company Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project, Mountaineer Xpress Pipeline, and the Rover Pipeline.

If your head is spinning from all these pipelines going every which way in West Virginia this is a good place to straighten yourself out.  There is a map with these five big pipelines shown as well as information about each.

The webpage also has information such as maps of the proposed route of pipeline routes and a link to WVDEP’s searchable online database where additional information such as any inspection and enforcement action and any permit modifications can be found. Also available are public hearing transcripts, responses to comments received at public hearings, and press releases about the pipelines. The page will be updated as more information on each pipeline becomes available. Citizens will also be able to submit reports of possible permit violations via this webpage.

Since the pipelines are not fully (or even partially) under construction, there is no information about inspections, on the ground performance, etc.  Right now, the information is mostly plans, comments, response to comments, etc.  If the pipelines move ahead with construction there will presumably be more information about inspections, etc.

The website does have a phone number for spill reporting: 1-800-642-3074. Complaints can also be emailed to

This website only deals with the five large pipelines that are proposed to run through West Virginia or from West Virginia to another state.  There are, of course, multiple smaller lines that connect to these larger lines or otherwise just operate within West Virginia. Information about these smaller pipelines is also on the more general DEP website, just not on this page.