Energy:  An Enlightening Fall Review

Are you concerned about the energy crisis and climate change?  We are too.  As we move away from fossil fuels, like oil, coal and gas where will our power come from?  Nuclear? Hydrogen? Solar? Wind?  How can we learn about more sustainable energy options?  Why not start by coming to the WV Highland’s Conservancy’s Fall Review.  We will gather at North Bend State Park Friday, October 14th through Sunday, October 16th.  You won’t want to miss Saturday, October 15th.  

In West Virginia we have a rich history of bringing power to our country in ways that haven’t brought enough benefit to our people.  As we transition to more sustainable energy sources, can we continue to bring power to our country, while helping the environment and uplifting our impoverished people?

Have you thought about adding solar to your home?  Solar Holler will bring a demonstration of solar power.  Want to know more about the proposed blue hydrogen hub? And what is the difference between blue and green hydrogen energy?  We’ll hear from Alex Place and Sean O’Leary about that.  Can we re-use old coal fields as solar farms, and will that help with reclamation?  We’ll learn from Eriks Brolis, The Nature Conservancy about that.  Can we harvest rare earth elements from acid mine drainage (AMD)?  Dr. Paul Ziemkiewicz will tell us about that.  Jocelyn Phares from FERC will talk about pipelines.  And zooming in from California, Jessica Lovering will discuss small scale, modular reactor nuclear power.

Come, learn with us and then talk to us about what you think our direction on energy issues of the day should be.