Energy and the Fall Review

Each year the Fall Review allows us time to look at one topic in a little more depth, and to hear speakers we don’t otherwise get to hear from.  This year’s Fall Review is October 14th – 16th at North Bend State Park.  We hope that many of you will join us.

So, why talk about energy at the Fall Review?  Well, we carry it with us:  It powers our phones, homes, cars, etc.  And, on a worldwide basis, people are changing how we capture energy and make it useable by our devices.  Whether we like it or not, worldwide people want more sustainable forms of energy.  But what is truly sustainable, and how can WV Highlands be involved?  

Many new ways of capturing and using energy are being developed, and most of us know very little about them.  Join us at the Fall Review as we take a look at some of these new energy developments.  

We have speakers talking about green and blue hydrogen projects, transforming coal fields to solar fields, harvesting rare earth elements from acid mine drainage, and small scale, modular reactor nuclear power.  

One of our speakers, Sean O’Leary wrote an article about hydrogen power in last month’s Voice.  Did you read it?  Come to the Fall Review with your questions and concerns.  Learn about recent energy developments and join the discussion about our future direction on this important topic. 

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