Explanation and apology

Dear Members,

This is a message – an abject apology – to our members who have recently renewed.  There was what I am sure was a frustrating problem, in that many of the business reply envelopes we intended as a service to our members were stuck closed.  Several members graciously used their own envelopes to send in their renewal checks, and a few slit the business reply envelope open and then scotch taped it shut.  There are signs on most envelopes that it was a struggle to get them open, resulting in torn flaps.  I can almost hear the muttered curses.

The problem was caused by the EXTREME humidity we suffered this past summer from the monsoons.  Besides business reply envelopes, my cabinet doors wouldn’t close, dresser drawers were stuck, towels got sour smelling from staying damp for days, and mold grew everywhere.  I finally purchased a dehumidifier, but not soon enough for the envelopes.  Some of the envelopes are not completely stuck, but still too bad to use as is.

Our solution has been to cut the return address end off, so you can slide things in, and also send a blank sticker to use in lieu of tape.

Thank you for your continued support.