Farewell to a Force of Nature: Angie Rosser’s Next Adventure

By Cindy Ellis

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy would like to extend a very fond and sincere farewell to a long-time partner and ally, Angie Rosser. Leaving as the Executive Director of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Angie will be accepting a position with the National Wildlife Federation.

For over two decades, the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and Angie, with the West Virginia Rivers Coalition, have enjoyed working, playing, and learning together. This personable, capable, and hard-working individual contributed a great deal. She has a gift for well-chosen words—both spoken and written—and a strong sense of diplomacy coupled with persistence. This has held up even as we have toiled during the fracking boom, the water crisis and more. 

When giving her an award, The River Network cited her talents within our state’s “challenging political climates.” We also know that she has a deep consideration for the hurdles women face in environmental work. 

One mentor to Angie in her early years of lobbying the West Virginia legislature was the Conservancy’s Board Member Don Garvin. She said, “West Virginia is a better place because of Don Garvin. Our rivers and streams stand a better chance because of him.” 

Autumn Crowe will keep the West Virginia Rivers Coalition in good hands when stepping up to serve as interim executive director. 

As recently as our Fall Review, Angie was with us in person. She presented a legislative update. One recap of the event noted, “She delivered an uplifting and inspiring presentation on the power of collective action…” 

Goodbye, Angie Rosser, and Good Luck! May you always have a chance to, as one of your favorite tunes says, “Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul!”  

Here is a link to a great podcast interview of Ms. Rosser, “What’s in the Water: West Virginia’s WaterKeeper on the Future of Appalachia’s Rivers” shows.acast.com/hope-is-my-middle-name