Open Book test.  The text: “Fighting to Protect the Highlands: The First Forty Years of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy” by David P. Elkinton.  [texts available in each WV public library]


  1. West Virginia Highlands Conservancy is West Virginia’s oldest environmental advocacy group. True   False
  2. In 1999, Julian Martin and Larry Gibson biked 490 miles across West Virginia to draw attention to the ills of mountaintop removal mining. True False
  3. Five wind turbine facilities [Mountaineer, Beech Ridge, Mount Storm, Laurel Mountain, Pinnacle] are now in operation in West Virginia. True False
  4. Regarding canoe paddlers of the 1960’s— all the paddlers in a four- state region [WV, PA, MD, VA] numbered less than fifty. True   False
  5. WVHC board member Cindy Rank debated Don Trump. True False
  6. President Gerald R. Ford signed into law the status of Wild and Scenic River for the New River in 1976. True False
  7. In 1999, Judge Charles Haden II declared valley fills illegal. True False
  8. Tom King was the first president of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy. True False
  9. Corridor H has been under construction for more than 40 years. True False
  10. West Virginia Garden Clubs opposed the establishment of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.


Fill in the blank:


  1. The Davis Power Plan was vigorously supported by ________________, a member of the Federal Power Commission in the 1970’s. [He was later Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior.]
  2. This Kentucky native, ______________________, has served as both president and newsletter editor for the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.
  3. In the year 2000, one of the first replanting of red spruce trees occurred, appropriately, at the old town site of ________________.
  4. Among the most memorable events at a WVHC Fall Review was when four hundred people were gathered at Spruce Knob to hear Senator _______________________ speak, and the generator-supported lights went out.
  5. In 1994, the site of The Battle of Corricks Ford was listed on the National Historic Register, thus changing the plans of the proposed highway known as ___________________________.
  6. The West Virginia Wilderness Coalition was formed by the WV Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Society, and ________________________________.
  7. The Stream Buffer Zone Rule had prohibited mining activity within _______ feet of streams.
  8. In the early sixties, to raise public awareness of the [South Branch Potomac] river valley that would be flooded by a proposed dam, Lou Greathouse and Lee Maynard led ___________ trips through the Smoke Hole Canyon.
  9. The original 90-page Mon Forest hiking guide, printed by the WVHC, cost hikers $__________.
  10. Sayre Rodman wrote, about early rafting on the Gauley River, “Oldtimers at Swiss told me that kids had gone down in dead low summer water a long time ago, walking parts and floating pools on ______________________ or something. But they were certain no one was idiot enough to have done it in even moderate water before we did.”




  1. Merlin Tuttle, of Bat Conservation International _____
  2. Allen deHart _____
  3. Big Ugly _____
  4. Julian Martin _____
  5. Wooly adelgid _____
  6. Ken Hechler _____
  7. Helen McGinnis _____
  8. John D. Rockefeller IV _____
  9. Mary Wimmer _____
  10. Cheat Mountain Club _____


  1. Helped with the first Monongahela Forest Plan
  2. Locality near the infamous Hobet 21 MTR mine site
  3. Said, in 1970, “I will fight for the abolition of strip mining completely and forever.”
  4. “Mother of Dolly Sods”
  5. Ecologist who predicted bat mortality at wind turbine facilities
  6. Sucks sap from hemlock and spruce trees
  7. Site of several Fall Review gatherings of the WVHC
  8. One of the editors of the “Hiking Guide to the Monongahela Nat’l Forest”
  9. Father of the I ♥ Mountains bumper stickers, caps, and shirts
  10. Said, in 1972, about the proposed Rowlesburg Dam, [this dam] “…would destroy the small communities of St. George and Holly Meadows, erode the tax base of Tucker County, create unsightly mud flats and damage one of the most scenic areas in West Virginia…”




  1. True 2.  False  3.  True  4.  True  5.  False  6.  True  7.  True  8.  True
  2. True  10.  False


Fill in Blank:

  1. James Watt 2.  John McFerrin  3.  Spruce  4.  Robert C. Byrd
  2. Corridor H  6.  The West Virginia Highland Conservancy  7.  100
  3. Horseback   9. $1.50   10.  air mattresses




  1. e 2.  h  3.  b  4.  i  5.  f  6.  j  7.  d  8.  c  9.  a  10.  g