Forest Management and Carbon Sinks

What is the role of forest management in carbon dioxide sequestration?  We all know that trees play a big role in how much carbon dioxide is in the air.  They spend their days and nights taking in carbon dioxide, storing the carbon, releasing it.

Trees take in carbon dioxide, store the carbon, and release carbon dioxide and oxygen at different rates during different times of their lives.  Because of this, forest management can have a big effect upon how effective forests are as carbon sinks.

To help you understand all this without having to plod through a bunch of technical papers, there is a presentation by Chris Bolgiano, a nature writer and West Virginia Highlands Conservancy member.  It starts with a brief history of the eastern National Forests, talks about carbon sequestration by forests, and ends with a proposal that managers of National Forests consider the role of carbon sequestration in all forest management decisions.  It is about 12 minutes and well worth watching.  See it at