Free Market Conservatives of the World, Unite!

Whenever anybody says anything about solar power, climate change, and the like, the first thoughts of many run to stereotypes about squishy liberals, not living in the real world, probably vegan, etc.  After a bit more thought, they decide that whatever the idea was can be filed away under “stuff not worth thinking about.”

       The proposal to allow retail Power Purchase Agreements (story on p. 4), however, is a perfect issue for free market conservatives.  Here we have an entrepreneur who wants to make a living out of installing solar power equipment on homes and businesses.  Those homes and businesses want to have that solar power equipment installed.

       The only thing that is stopping those two willing parties from reaching an agreement and getting the equipment installed is the government.  

       Isn’t this exactly what free market conservatives complain about?  Private parties want to do something; they are not hurting anybody; to the extent they help address global warming they are helping society.  Isn’t it time to get the government out of the way, allow retail Power Purchase Agreements, let freedom ring, etc.?