How to Do Social Distancing

For the last few weeks there have been innumerable (The Highlands Voice’s crack staff of enumerators lost count at a bazillion and twelve) newspaper and magazine stories full of tips on how to thrive during this time of social distancing.  This is one of the best.  It comes from the West Virginia Land Trust: 

During this time of social distancing, we strongly encourage you to get outside for a good dose of fresh air and vitamin D. Despite the great uncertainty of the pandemic, some things are certain:  Spring wildflowers are starting to pop up, and will put on their great display for the next eight weeks regardless of what’s happening in the human world. American Woodcocks are circling breeding sites at dawn and dusk with their crazy courtship flight. The “river of birds” that is our springtime migration will soon begin its annual northward flow from points south. Mountain streams are gushing, trees are budding, spring peepers are deafening the evenings around ponds, and birdhouses are being explored by hopeful nesters.