Kanawha Trail Club Celebrating 75 years!

We are pleased to congratulate an ally organization on their own anniversary.  The Kanawha Trail Club has been active in West Virginia for 75 years!

This Charleston-based group was the brainstorm of Daily Mail columnist Saul Padlibsky.  Some history of the KTC has been written by Carl McLaughlin, member of both WVHC and KTC. Carl notes that the time was right for innovative ventures in the Kanawha Valley in the 1940’s as war efforts brought new industries and new people to the state’s capitol.  A first hike of the KTC was in Mission Hollow, near the old baseball park, and was well attended.  However, Mr. Padlibsky’s enthusiasm was for ideas, not for foot travel.  Carl says, “Padlibsky walked a brief 100 yards from his cameraman’s car to wish these pioneer hikers well. For this effort, he was granted an Honorary Membership. Afterwards, Padlibsky continued to boost in print the organization but always boasted that he never went on a hike in his life.”

Not so, for other members.  They fanned out in all directions from Charleston and hosted a terrific variety of walks and outings, and continue to do so today.

The Kanawha Trail Club has been with us from the beginning.  KTC’s Charlie Carlson was one of our nine incorporators as we organized.  Kanawha Trail Club was a co-sponsor of our early Fall Reviews, including our third in 1967.  This was our first under our WVHC name.  Copies of “The Highlands Voice” in the sixties note that the trail club organized and promoted trips to the Cranberry Wilderness and other backcountry locations, despite the view of the Forest Service that these places were not much used.  KTC members continue to provide helpful input for our book, “Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide.”

So, it is with pleasure that we announce a Double Anniversary Hike: WVHC and KTC, in Kanawha State Forest on September 30 at 9 a.m.  Details will follow in the next Voice, or are available on our website and on our Facebook page.

We are delighted with our long partnership with the Kanawha Trail Club and wish them many more happy years on the trails.

[Check out more of their events http://kanawhatrailclub.org/index.html ]