Learn the Straight Scoop on Climate Change

Late last month, the West Virginia Climate Alliance, an emerging coalition of environmental, civil rights, faith-based and civic organizations, released A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change. The Guide outlines the science behind climate change, lists some of its impacts in West Virginia and across the globe, and provides a menu of potential solutions. What sets this Guide apart from other publications is that it was written by West Virginians for West Virginians and for those who treasure our state. This colorful publication is informative and well-written. A PDF copy of the Guide can be found at https://wvrivers.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/wvclimate.pdf and a printed copy can obtained from the West Virginia Climate Alliance, 1544 Lee Street, Charleston, WV 25311.

In releasing the Guide, Perry Bryant, a member of the Alliance, said: “I firmly believe that Congress will begin considering climate change in 2021. If President Trump is re-elected, the reform maybe limited to planting trees and supporting technology development such as carbon capture utilization and sequestration. If Joe Biden is elected, the reform will be much more comprehensive. Either way West Virginians need to understand the science behind climate change and what are the menu of options for addressing climate change. We need to be fully prepared for a robust debate on climate change next year.”

The development of A Citizen’s Guide to Climate Change was supported by West Virginia Rivers Coalition, West Virginia Citizens Action Education Fund, NAACP Charleston Branch, Citizens’ Climate Lobby West Virginia, Sierra Club of West Virginia, Moms Clean Air Force West Virginia Chapter, Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, American Friend Service Committee, Center for Energy and Sustainable Development, Christians for the Mountains, and West Virginia University Mountain Hydrology Lab.