Loss of a Friend and a Champion

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy is grieved to note the death of our friend and board member, Don Garvin. He represented WV Trout Unlimited within our group and worked for many years on environmental concerns with the WV legislature.

Known more recently for his lobbying efforts with ECouncil, Don was active with the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy for nearly 40 years.

When a long time Board member/officer/friend passes it is our practice to crowd source a tribute.  Different members offer their thoughts which the editor can then cobble together into something for The Highlands Voice. 

We’re not going to do that for Don.  Angie Rosser of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition has done such a splendid job with her tribute to Don that we are going to make it our own.  Well done, Angie,

And to Don, Godspeed on a life well lived.