Nominating Committee Report

Last year’s Annual Meeting was a bit topsy-turvey due our relative inexperience with Zoom meetings. Consequently, our normal election process was out-of-wack as well and our approach this year is an attempt to bring things back into routine.

As it stands currently, the proposed slate of officers and directors to be voted on at October’s Annual Meeting is explained as follows.

All the Officers were voted in for only one more year at last year’s (2020) Annual (Zoom) Meeting. They have agreed to be nominated to finish out the final year of their current two-year terms (- i.e., until next October 2022 when each position will be revisited again for the regular two-year terms that usually are filled in even years).

[Note: We do need to think ahead about a new Vice President for State Affairs since Frank’s health is a major obstacle these days. Larry will assist by representing the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy on the WV Environmental Council, but Frank’s broad experience and insightful observations will be difficult to replace in the overall VP role.] 

Directors-At-Large (DAL) 

— The five Directors at Large whose terms are expiring this year (2021) are included in the proposed slate of nominees along with the Officers. Currently serving are George Hack, Rick Webb, Hugh Rogers, and Ellie Bell. There is one vacancy in this group of Directors and the committee is recommending Susan Rogers Rosenblum who has expressed an interest to serve.

The five DAL whose terms were to expire in 2020 were voted in for only one year at last year’s Annual Meeting.  Four of those five will be re-appointed by President Larry to serve out the remaining year of their two-year terms expiring in 2022.  Jackie Burns, Randy Kesling, Kent Karriker, and Patricia Gundrum currently hold those positions and have agreed to continue.  Jim Van Gundy will be stepping aside and Larry has appointed Luanne McGovern to fill his post until the next election in 2022.