Our readers write

The Highlands Voice,

After  looking  over your  survey  regarding  so-called  “global  warming,” more  recently  called  “climate  change,”  I  hope  this  letter  will  not  be butchered  as  was  my  previous  communication.     Why?     As  a  supporter  of academic  freedom,   I  believe  all  opinions  must  be  expressed.

Regarding number 3 of the survey, there is no proof storms are more severe today compared to those of the past.  As proposed by Al Gore, I do not wish to be taxed for my “human activities” when the   sea  level  rises,   the  birds  move  north  or  up Dolly Sods, there’s a  heavy  overnight  rain  storm,   or  I  don’t condemn little children about  their  “carbon  footprints.”

Recently I purchased a pick-up  truck.  I  do  not  want  to place a  coal  energy  generated  battery  in  that  vehicle  although  it  would employ  more  miners in  our  Valley.

Regarding  number  5  on  the  survey,   I  trust  the  Voice  will  be more    balanced  than  that  which  I  experienced  with  National  Geographic. The  publishers  of  that  magazine  apparently  believed  climate  change  was widely    accepted    as  truth  to  most  of  their  readers.   In  my  final    letter to  National  Geographic  I  explained  “why,”  after  30  years,   I  was  ending our  association:   among  some  28  pages global  warming  or  climate  changed was  referenced   17   times.

Carl Patsche

Weirton, WV