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Regarding a recent article on so-called global waning, a number of points should be considered.

I understand the myth of so-called global warning ls based on computer simulations. In an article which I read 30-years ago ln Natural History an attempt was made to include factors which might help our understanding. It was stated that it is impossible to include all factors of climate. There are too many. There are too many variables. Climate ls too complicated.

From the above, we can deduce the idea is a matter of faith, not science fed into a simulation. What may happen if we do not shut down power plants along the Ohio River and coal fields ln southern West Virginia? This certainly requires a great deal of faith. Are we willing to tax gasoline in order to force folks to ride bicycles to workplaces? AI Gore said taxes are an excellent way to force humans to behave ln certain ways.

Our planet must be warming because there was a glacier l00 miles north in Ohio while our ancestors lived at the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter 15000-years ago. We know of no automobiles and carbon threats at that time.

And at how many parts per million must we begin sequestration of carbon? Ours is not the atmosphere of Venus. Every time we read a report of global warming we are told it’s almost “too late” for our survival. 20-years ago I read we can do nothing. So-called global warming cannot be stopped regardless of our activities.

Finally, have we considered the possibility that our nearest star might influence our warmth? There has been a paucity of sunspots ln recent years. I hope the teacher who wrote the article has told “why” sore in the population do not accept without proof the concept of “global warming” nan-made or not.

I am glad The Highlands Voiceprovides many sides of issues of our environment.

Carl M. Patsche

Weirton, WV