Spruce Knob

Up Spruce Knob road in cloud mist

How like the heart when absence

outweighs that heft once carried

Forest Roads 12 and 1024

Startle doe at East Overlook

light rain & one cardinal flower

Seven more deer

one fawn eohippus-sized

Spruce smell invokes

memory’s myriad things:

Far West  Far North  Ultima Thule

like 10,000 songs of Milarepa

Lone blackberry bush in bloom

rain harder now at a slant

Oxalis (?) plant snugs low

ignores drying montane winds

Spruce Knob in cloud

& imagination

Views cloud-blanked

like hard-sought No-mind

10 years’ sitting worth

Piles of rock slabs on top

like large scree below no slope

Frost-heave quarried maybe

then weather-smoothened


whereabouts unknown

                                    — Ed Zahniser