Still in Need of Something to read?

The Central Appalachian Red Spruce Initiative.  (West Virginia Highlands Conservancy is a partner in CASRI) was an important part of a feature article in the Energy and Environment News.  The entire story is way too long to reprint here.  To see the whole thing, go to

       The story is a good read not just because it talks about people and projects we know.  It is good because it features the specific (restoration on the Mower Tract, something that was the subject of a Voicestory in June, 2017). Moving beyond a specific project, it has useful material on the history of the region and why Red Spruce now needs to be restored.  The article also discusses the role of air pollution in the decline of Red Spruce as well as the connection of the passage of the Clean Air Act to the ability of Red Spruce to thrive.

       The article also puts Red Spruce restoration in the context of climate change, including the role that trees play in carbon sequestration.  Included are references to some of the latest research on the topic.

       Last but not least, the story features comments from our own Dave Saville, one of the co-founders of the Central Appalachian Red Spruce Initiative.

       Two thumbs up, way up.