Support the Highlands Conservancy

Amazon Smile

Amazon (the shopping company, not the river) has a program to support organizations such as ours.  To participate, all you have to do is order through Amazon Smile instead of through the regular Amazon website.  Just start your shopping by going here:  and then shop as usual.  Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchases to West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.


If you shop at Kroger stores and you support West Virginia Highlands Conservancy you can add to that support at no cost to you.

Kroger has a program called Community Rewards that donates to non-proft organizations 5% of your purchase amount! This does not affect the fuel points that you earn on your Kroger card or cost you anything extra.

To do this, sign up for a Kroger Plus card and then sign up for the Community Rewards program, naming West Virginia Highlands Conservancy as the organization you want contributions to go to. This must be renewed once a year for Kroger to continue making these contributions.

To sign up:
(If you already have a Kroger card, go to step 2.)

 1) Get a Kroger Plus card, either, a) by going to a Kroger store and asking for one at the customer service desk, or

b) Go to and click on «Register» and fll out the information and click «Create Account.» Next, add a Plus Card by clicking on «Get a Digital Plus Card online today,» fill in your name, and enter your ten-digit phone number where it says «Alt ID», and click «Save.»

2) If you already have Kroger Plus card, but have not created an account on-line, go to and click «Register»

and enter your existing Kroger card number, the number below the bar code on your card. Click «Save.»

3) After you click on «Save» in one of the above, an «Account Summary» screen will come up. At the bottom of that screen is «Community Rewards.» Click «Enroll» and fll out the

required information there, click «Save», and it takes you to a new page, then click «Search» and click on button in front of West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, then click «Enroll.»

You’re done!

Thank you for your support of West Virginia Highlands Conservancy!