Synopsis of DEIS Process and Highlights Now Available

In preparation of its evaluation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has preparead a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  This Draft EIS gathers together all the environmental information which FERC believes is relevant to its decision on the pipeline.  It is currently only a draft, available for public comment until April 6.  Commenters may point out relevant facts which FERC did not consider, agree or disagree with FERC’s conclusions, or make any other relevant comments.

The draft is over 2300 pages.  Fortunately the Appalachian Blue Ridge Alliance has done an overview:  DEIS: What is it? What’s in it? What you can do!  It is a 16-page overview of the DEIS process, prepared by the Appalachian Blue Ridge Alliance. It features highlights and excerpts of the 2300+ page document and a discussion of how concerned citizens can comment on the document.  The overview is designed as a resource for those preparing to file comments or deliver them at the FERC public sessions that began this week in North Carolina and conclude March 2 in West Virginia.