The cut

Whether the waters of prosperity have actually flowed down the rivers of concrete of the Appalachian Regional Highway System, as Senator Byrd predicted, is a complicated issue.  There will always be debates about who was hurt, who was helped, whether the money could have been better spent in other ways, etc.  

What the Appalachian Regional Highway System has undoubtedly given us is one of the most spectacular road cuts in the Eastern United States.

In Western Maryland, I-68 (aka Corridor E) goes through the what is known as The Sideling Hill Road Cut.  It is a 340 foot deep cut, stretching for almost 810 feet.   Those who took geology in school heard about the earth existing in layers, folding, and about synclines and inclines, etc.  In this road cut, there it is.  The layering is clearly visible.  It is easy to see the tightly folded syncline.  The exposed rocks consist of the DevonianMississippian Rockwell Formation, underlying the Mississippian Purslane Sandstone

It is a sight to see.