What is the State of our Highlands?

Your Fall Review Committee has started working on the upcoming Fall Review, scheduled for October 18-20 at Cacapon State Park. Save the dates and plan to attend.

When thinking about a topic for this year, we couldn’t help but think about the issues we are working on right now. How do we protect old growth forests? How will roads and mines affect the endangered candy darter? How can we work towards a greener West Virginia? Are there good ways and not so good ways to sequester carbon and keep it out of the atmosphere? How do we feel about the new proposal for pumped-storage hydroelectric power? Can we build a better Corridor H? What are others doing to conserve our highlands?  

We’d like to look at these issues: How do they affect the environment, and how does the environment affect them? From karst topography to shale barrens to steep mountains to sandstone and limestone, the condition of our highlands affects what we can do here, and what effects our actions have. Join us as we look at the condition of our highlands.