Where it Began

Now that the new edition of the Hiking Guide to the Monongahela National Forest has come out, it is interesting to see where it all began. This is from the August, 1971, issue of The Highlands Voice:



The U.S. Forest Service’s management of the various ”values” of the M.N F. reflects, to a considerable extent, the relative demand for these values. Thus though abandoning trails, failing to clean up after logging operations, etc… may seem like mismanagement to some, it probably merely reflects the demand for lumber values relative to the demand for esthetic values (scenery, etc. . ). Obviously then, those of us interested in preserving the scenic and natural values in the forest can promote the cause by increasing the demand for such values.

To this end a hiking guide to the Monongahela National Forest is being planned – to be published and sold by the W.V. H.C. The Job is partly done already: the U.S.F.S. has “trail logs” of many of its trails; we already have guides to Cranberry Backcountry, Otter Creek , and Dolly Sods, and Pittsburgh A.Y.H.’s “Hiking Guide to Western Pa . and Northern W. Va.” already has write-ups on several other M.N.F. trails. Much work needs to be done however – much more than could readily be accomplished by a few people. Volunteers are needed to “adopt” various sections of the forest (or just one trail) and to prepare trail write-ups giving such information as:

(l) Access points

(2) Location of springs, shelters, points of interest

(3) Route descriptions

(4) Evaluation of scenic value, hiking difficulty, trail condition

(5) Mileage between various access points

(6) Availability of water

(7) Possibilities for swimming, cross-country skiing, etc .


Those interested in helping in even a small way on this project should contact Bruce Sundquist, 2i0 College Park Drive, Monroeville, Pa. 15146 who will coordinate the various efforts, prepare the final draft, handle printing, etc.


Many thanks to Larry Thomas, who sifted through the dusty (or the electronic equivalent of dusty) archives to find this.