Why We Joined

In April, 2018, the Board had a day long, facilitated discussion on the future of the organization, how we might change and adapt, etc.  For more on the discussion, see the story of p. 8 of this issue.

As part of that discussion, Board members were asked to articulate why they joined.  Here are some of the answers.


“I believe our state’s natural resources are the common wealth of our citizens, and we should work to preserve and protect them.”

“I understand the need for projects that are intended to advance economic opportunity in our state, but sometimes “advancement” comes with social costs that are too high, and I believe those costs are too high when projects compromise our air, water, public lands, and health.”

“West Virginia’s Highlands are the last remnant of the wildness that has earned our state the monikers of “Wild and Wonderful” and “Almost Heaven” and I want to protect that for my children, grand-children, great-grandchildren, and all future generations.”

“Many years ago, I moved to West Virginia to protect my health. It promised clean air, water, and additional natural resources that I couldn’t find in other states. I chose West Virginia as my home, and I want it to remain a healthy refuge for me, my family, and all fellow West Virginians.”

“I walk through the landscapes of West Virginia in awe of its beautiful mountains, rushing rivers, and vibrant wildlife. I want to preserve these features for generations of residents and visitors to come.”

“I want to be part of the legacy of honest, credible, honorable men and women who have worked to protect West Virginia’s natural resources, and WV Highlands Conservancy offers me that opportunity.”

“I want to save the natural habitat of the birds I love to watch, but that’s not the only environmental concern I have, and I appreciate that the WV Highlands Conservancy has maintained a broad focus and provided a platform for individuals to learn about and advocate for a wide range of environmental issues.”