Corridor H Comment Period Closes March 27

Corridor H Construction in Holly Meadows

The Federal Highway Administration and West Virginia Division of Highways are currently accepting public comment on the Notice of Intent to prepare a new environmental impact statement on the Parsons to Davis section of Corridor H. This comment period ends on Wednesday, March 27.

This is a critical opportunity to have your voice heard and express your concerns on this section of Corridor H. This review will evaluate the R-ROPA (Refined Original Preferred Alternative Route) and a northern route (Blackwater Avoidance Alternative-2).

Here are a few suggestions for your comments:

Highway officials should complete a thorough and equal environmental review of the R-ROPA and BAA-2 and select a route that ensures the least impact on the environmentally sensitive and unique areas of the West Virginia Highlands:

  • Protect the small-town atmosphere and nature-based way of life in Davis and Thomas.
  • Construct a highway that is compatible with and supportive of Tucker County’s growing outdoor recreation economy.
  • Integrate wildlife corridors into highway construction to preserve biodiversity, mitigate habitat fragmentation, and reduce the likelihood of deer vehicle collisions.
  • Preserve the “greenway” between Thomas and Davis.
  • Ensure that the northern route is evaluated completely and fairly.
  • Protect sites of cultural significance and avoid the Blackwater Industrial Complex.
  • Avoid impacts to public lands in the Monongahela National Forest—including Big Run Bog and Olson Fire Tower.
  • Reduce impacts on sensitive, high-quality trout streams and their wetlands and watersheds.
  • Protect public drinking water supply.
  • Study the impacts of construction on extensive underground mine workings and the potential for acid mine drainage.
  • Incorporate impacts of a changing climate to ensure highway infrastructure can withstand future challenges and avoid exacerbating habitat loss, species displacement, and water pollution.
  • Minimize impacts on endangered and threatened species such as the Virginia Big-Eared Bat, Indiana Bat, Tricolored Bat, Northern-Long Eared Bat, Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, Cheat Mountain Salamander, and the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel.
  • Prioritize a commitment to transparency and information sharing with the public.

How to submit comments:

  1. Comments can be made online here.
  2. Via US Mail to: FHWA West Virginia Division, 300 Virginia Street East, Suite 7400, Charleston, West Virginia 25301

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Thank you for your advocacy on this important issue. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Cover photo by Frank Gebhard.