Southern WV Needs Clean Water: Contact Leaders Now!

Toxic water draining into Indian Creek

From our partners at West Virginia Rivers Coalition

Wyoming County residents have faced severe water quality issues in the Wolf Pen/Indian Creek area, highlighting a regional water crisis. 

From Below: Rising Together for Coalfield Justice focuses on McDowell County, specifically on the communities of Gary, Leckie, and Anawalt, each suffering from compromised water sources. Gary’s city water infrastructure is crumbling, Leckie’s well water changed dramatically around the time nearby surface mining began, and Anawalt’s public water system remains underfunded despite a $7 million project approval. 

Residents report orange to black tap water, often with a thick, filmy “goop.” Since May 2024, the community has funded the distribution of over 2,060 cases of water (82,400 bottles) to 280+ homes in McDowell County. 

Many residents drive up to 20 minutes to collect spring water, with seniors depending on neighbors for this essential task. For some, the cost of bottled water exceeds $100 per month, and poor water quality has ruined clothes, caused chemical burns, and corroded plumbing fixtures. McDowell County, one of the poorest in America, urgently needs help. 

Action Needed: We need your help to raise awareness and pressure decision-makers to act. This is a widespread regional crisis that cannot be ignored. Join WV Rivers Coalition, WV Faith Collective, and From Below: Rising Together for Coalfield Justice today. 

Contact the WV Governor’s Office, members of the WV House Committee on Technology & Infrastructure, and your WV state representatives today. Ask them to declare a State of Emergency to provide clean water to coalfield residents throughout the region until the Anawalt public service district project and other drinking water infrastructure needed throughout the region are fully funded and completed.

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