Corridor H: Whose Highway?

By Hugh Rogers          An elected official in Tucker County asked me where I was from. “Randolph County,” I said. “Kerens.” “Off the mountain,” she said. I nodded. Then she told me she’d heard that opposition to Corridor H, beginning years ago, was all from “out of state people.” After letting this sink in, she said, [...]

Thoughts from our president

Another incredibly challenging year has come to an end. Looking back, I have been thinking, where did it go, seems to have just zoomed by. Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic, now with even another variant, continues its successful quest to radically change the way we live our lives.  The Conservancy’s many accomplishments, as well as many [...]

Mountain Hydrology Lab Addresses Water Security and Climate Change

By Cory Chase On November 12, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas (Nico) Zégre, PhD, about climate change and the future of WV’s water. Nicolas is an associate professor of forest hydrology and director of the West Virginia University Mountain Hydrology Laboratory (MHL). This lab “focus[es] on aspects of water resources with a particular [...]

Thank you

The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy very much appreciates the generous bequest received from the Estate of Lawrence Woodward “Luke” Franzheim, III of Springfield, Ohio, formerly of Wheeling, West Virginia. Among Mr. Franzheim’s many passions in his life was nature conservation. Above all, he embraced the spirit of “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia” and was most [...]

Senator Manchin Voices Opposition to the Build Back Better Act

By Perry Bryant             On December 19th, on Fox News of all places, Senator Manchin said that he could not support moving the Build Back Better Act forward. The Build Back Better (BBB) Act is President Biden’s proposal to expand the nation’s social safety net and make historic investments in efforts to address the climate crisis. [...]

Supporting the Wilderness Climate

The First Season of Dolly Sods Wilderness Stewards Part 2: Dolly Sods Becomes a Wilderness By Dave Johnston In the first part of this article (The Highlands Voice, December, 2081), which is based on the presentation I made at the WVHC Fall Review, we looked at the provisions of the Wilderness Act of 1964 as they [...]

Carbon Capture and Storage Is Not a Silver Bullet, But…

By Perry Bryant              I enjoyed reading Dr. Pokladnik’s well-written article on carbon capture and storage in December’s Highlands Voice. I agree with her overall position that carbon capture and storage is not a silver bullet. However, I disagree with her conclusion that carbon capture and storage “is just a fossil-fuel distraction that is wasting time and tax [...]

Theodore Roosevelt and Climate Change

On April 15, 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt, issued an "Arbor Day Proclamation to the School Children of the United States,” telling them: It is well that you should celebrate your Arbor Day thoughtfully, for within your lifetimes the Nation’s need of trees will become serious. We of an older generation can get along with what we [...]

Frank Young

Franklin (Frank) D. Young of Ripley, WV, died Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021 at the Hubbard Hospice House in Charleston, WV. He was born at Tuppers Creek, in Kanawha County, WV, the son of Lewis Otho Young II and Lena Mae Young.  Frank had been the owner of Red Barn Tire and Wrecker Service, near Ripley, [...]

Remembering Frank Young

By Cynthia Ellis Frank Young seemed brilliant to me.  But he would not have agreed.  Still, when we gathered with him and other members of the Board of Directors of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, he stood out as someone who admirably understood a great many complicated issues and often had something pertinent to say.   We were accustomed [...]

Remembering Frank Young

By Marilyn Shoenfeld I have known Frank and Becky for at least 23 years, or as long as I have been on the Board of the WVHC.  My husband, Peter Shoenfeld (dec'd), became friends with Frank when WVHC was opposing the Backbone Mountain Wind Project in Tucker County. This was in the late 1990's when [...]

Remembering Frank Young

By George Beetham Frank Young was president of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy when I got involved in the wind issue. I contacted the Conservancy over the the Nedpower project along the Allegheny Front. I was concerned because the initial proposal called for turbines extending southward to scenic Stack Rock about half a mile north [...]

Tributes to Frank Young

*You have always been such a stable, thoughtful, reasonable personal friend, and foundation stone for so much that WVHC and other civic and environmental groups in WV have sought to do.  We already miss you.  We honor you. We pray that all of us, and especially your family, will grow beyond the grief that will be is felt when now that you leave you have [...]

Something Useful from Acid Mine Drainage: Is that Possible?

By John McFerrin One type of materials that is necessary for modern life is a class of minerals known as rare earth elements.  These elements are necessary components of modern technologies. They are used in cellular phones, computers, televisions, magnets, batteries, catalytic converters, defense applications and many more things that make modern life possible.  Now researchers at [...]

Old Song

This country     lays a living claim this hour,        the upsweep of ridges         rising beyond             the nearby band of burning, beating oranges                 and flickering yellows of foliage Cast in           vagrant, vast shadows               of the billowing slate cold blows                    of close October clouds Long while since       I’ve been around,          a long while   Is a country that draws,  [...]