Time to Talk Turkey Again

By Cindy Rank No, it’s not November. Nor is it Thanksgiving or any other recurring celebratory events. But it is time to revisit one of our perennial topics --- Mountaintop Removal mining, or at least a remnant of what was once known as Mountaintop Removal coal mining, or MTR. These days there are no Mountaintop [...]

Thoughts from our president

Our West Virginia Highlands are a biologically important treasure and perform an immeasurable role in our ability to support and promote tourism, provide clean drinking water, and clean air not only to West Virginians, but to the Eastern United States. They stand as a resilient stronghold, providing significant benefits for people, the environment, and the [...]

Coal Company Held in Contempt

By John McFerrin Lexington Coal Company has been held in contempt for its failure to comply with previous Court orders to clean up its selenium violations at its Mingo County mine. This litigation originated in 2019 when several environmental groups—including the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy—sued Lexington Coal, alleging that it was violating the selenium limits [...]

Become a Citizen Scientist! Help Conduct Water Quality Monitoring Related to Corridor H Construction

The Rivers Committee of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy has partnered with Friends of the Cheat, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Corridor H Alternatives and members of the public to develop a Water Quality Task Force that will conduct water quality monitoring of streams and wetlands, beginning with those affected by construction of Corridor [...]

If You See Something – Do Something!

By Luanne McGovern It’s no secret that the public lands of West Virginia continue to be under attack.  The recent WV legislative session was filled with bills looking to privatize our state parks and open state lands to continual assault.  The current administration in Charleston seems intent upon monetizing every scrap of state land, to add “attractions” [...]

The Future of Energy in West Virginia

By John McFerrin The West Virginia Center for Energy and Sustainable, part of the West Virginia University College of Law, does research and analysis aimed at strengthening opportunities for West Virginia and its residents in the context of nationwide trends to reduce carbon emissions and pursue sustainable energy policies.  One of its fellows—Tim Cronin—spoke at the [...]

Painted Trillium – Trillium undulatum

One of the most beautiful Spring flowers to be found in the mountains of West Virginia is the Painted Trillium.  Mainly only found at elevations above 2500 feet, the painted trillium can be seen at the highest forested elevations well into June.  It is characterized by delicate white petals that are “painted” with stripes of pink and [...]

Dolly Sods Stewards Training

By Dave Johnston The Dolly Sods Wilderness Stewards program took a big jump forward on May 15 when about 30 new volunteers participated in Trailhead Stewards training. The training provides the background knowledge and techniques the Stewards will use at the trailheads to educate visitors about Leave No Trace principles, wilderness etiquette, and special considerations [...]

Dolly Sods Wilderness Stewards Upcoming Activities

By Dave Johnston In addition to the ongoing Trailhead Stewards program, where volunteers are posted at the trailhead every weekend, the Wilderness Stewards have several other efforts that should kick off within the next month or two. Following on last year’s successful forays, volunteers will again conduct solitude monitoring surveys of backcountry trails. And a [...]

Solar Electricity Program Points to Progress

By Tom Rodd, Director, West Virginia Center on Climate Change. On May 16, three expert speakers at a “hybrid webinar” hosted in Morgantown WV by the West Virginia on Climate Change (“WV3C”) discussed the topic “Utility-Scale Solar – a Revolution in Progress.”  Here’s a summary of some of their key points: David Feldman from the National [...]

Comings and Goings

We welcome Cristyn Bauer as our new Membership and Fulfillment Secretary.  She has degrees from American Public University and Shepherd University.  Her most recent work experience was with the West Virginia Water Research Institute and the Cacapon Institute, with other work in various environmental education and administrative positions less recently.   She lists as hobbies rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, [...]